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Thursday 5 February 2009

Depressing comment of the day ...

... so far.

I read with pleasure a couple of days ago that blogger Kezia Dugdale has 'returned to the fray' after reassessing the merits of blogging as a 'political person'.

Today, however, I read this in her blog:

I do use the bus a lot though - usually to transport me from one labour party event or campaigning session to another.

The post is about the increasing costs of using buses in Edinburgh. Fair enough, a valid subject to highlight, I'm sure, but I find it very depressing that her use of public transport is mostly limited to travelling from one political event to another; it'd be just as depressing whatever politcal party a person belonged to who made this statement. Doesn't she ever use a bus to take her to Portobello for a candyfloss, or to Cramond for a walk along the beach? I know the 'project' is supposed to be important, but doesn't she get time off for good behaviour? An alternative interpretation is that it's just a pseud comment designed to placate any Labour apparatchiks who may be monitoring her site and to re-assure them that she is not going 'off-message', seemingly one of the worries that caused her to stop blogging before.

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