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Sunday 12 October 2008

Obama / Osama - an accident or done by design?

A county in New York State has sent out absentee ballot voting papers with a miss-spelling of pretty major proportions. Yes, in Rensselaer County, near Albany (the State capital) ballot paper have been sent out to several hundred voters with the Democratic Presidential candidate's name shown as 'Barack Osama' instead of 'Barack Obama'. County election officials say that the 'typo' was not picked up despite being subjected to three separate sets of proof-readers. The Albany Times Union reports that 300 ballot papers were affected, one of which went to Edward McDonough, the county's Democratic elections commissioner, who says he didn't notice the error himself. Because of worries that some people might correct the miss-spelling, which would invalidate these votes, corrected ballot papers are being sent to all those affected. Although both political parties, Democrat and Republican, accept it was an unfortunate error, not everybody entirely believes this. At least they didn't put his middle name on the ballot papers and make the 'gaffe' even more blatant!

(thru Kenneth in the (212))

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