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Wednesday 3 September 2008

Bill winds down in Spain - if only briefly!

Well, I've been here in Spain since 11th August, but this all too brief stay comes to an end on Friday, when I leave here to return to Scotland. However, as Arnie said:
"I'll be back!"

In fact I am going to be back here in less than two weeks, staying until the end of the month, to permit me to participate in the AGM of Mazarron Country Club, scheduled for 26th September; more about that in due course, I've no doubt. Apart from attending the AGM I hope to accomplish a couple of other things next time I'm here, too.
To round things off for this time I'm going to end with a photographic round-up since I left Nairn on 11th August of a very few of the things I've experienced since then. The first photograph relates to my brother's 60th birthday party in the Netherlands (where he lives), which I alluded to here:

The table with a few of the gifts my brother received; the centrepiece is a commemorative card which our mother had made with photographs taken when he was young; I actually appear in one of the photographs, as indicated
- Click on the image to see an enlargement -

Now moving on to Spain!

- The disc of the sun seen from my terrace at sunset one evening
- an almost mediaeval goat-herding scene very close by
- an amusing name on a van parked at the restaurant one day (I think the firm makes biscuits and the like)

- Click on any image to see an enlargement -

Finally some photographs of a typical lunch for me here in Spain; the photographs were in fact taken yesterday. I like food to be presented attractively, even if I'm going to be eating on my own; it should be a feast for the eyes as well as for the taste buds. It can also be a little 'whimsical', as the third photograph of my 'pudding' (a choc ice) shows. That's my attitude to food, at any rate.

- A plate of Serrano Ham with some herbed green olives and some small gherkins ('pepinillos'), all drizzled with virgin olive oil
- a salad arranged like a flower or an emblem, made up of endive leaves, a sliced tomato, a thinly-sliced radish, on a bed of rocket and chopped endive, sprinkled with virgin olive oil, chopped parsley and low-sodium salt
- a choc ice in which the sugar is mostly replaced by 'polyols'(*)
- a small coffee cup of ground decaffeinated espresso coffee with cream

- Click on any image to see an enlargement -

(*) - Polyols are discussed here; I am not and never have been diabetic, but I follow a low-carbohydrate diet, often known as the Atkins diet, an approach to eating I have been following since June 2003.

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