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Wednesday 18 June 2008

Gordon Brown on England and Britain

I daresay it was simply a 'slip of the tongue', unless Gordon Brown woke up this morning believing he was serving Queen Elizabeth I (*) as Prime Minister, rather than Queen Elizabeth II, but during PMQs today Brown was answering a question about Britain's military and how it might or might not be integrated with other European forces. In any case, as part of his answer he denied the "English, British and French navies" would be merged.

I wasn't aware that England [any longer] has a navy!

(*) Or perhaps there is some incredibly convoluted Freudian slip going on? Ardent Scottish nationalists often aver that, in Scotland, QEII is in fact QEI, because the one most people know as QEI was Queen of England, not the United Kindom. Is Gordon Brown, subconsciously, a Scottish nationalist?

Or was it simply another instance of our Prime Minister, who happens to be Scottish, trying too hard to ingratiate himself with the majority population of these islands, the English, and getting it as badly wrong as he usually does?

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