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Tuesday 20 May 2008

Police State Britain: plans for telephone and email database

Officials in the Home Office have apparently drawn up draft plans, possibly to be included in a forthcoming Communications Bill, for a database to be created to contain details of all telephone calls and e-mails with the details being held on file for 12 months.

Absolutely crazy and monomaniacal if you ask me. It sounds just like the kind of completely off-the-wall idea that must have flowed out of a brain-storming session, where free thinking and lateral thinking have a place, into the real world after the session was over.

Quite apart from the civil liberties implications of this idea, which if implemented would take us very far down the road towards the kind of 'Big Brother' Orwellian state discussed in the novel '1984', does anyone really believe that the Home Office, or anyone else, could be trusted with this level of information about people in terms of their ability simply to manage it competently and securely?

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