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Thursday 27 March 2008

A Bill to neuter Parliament

Imagine the scandal if Her Majesty decided to diverge from the official script written for Her by what is supposed to be 'Her' Government and told the unvarnished truth about what the crowd of scroundrels who govern us are, after being thwarted the last time they tried it, once more attempting to do:

What Her Majesty the Queen might say -

My Government will enact legislation to avoid the tiresome necessity of having to get the approval of Parliament before repealing any Act of Parliament it chooses, something my forebears used to be able to do until a little local difficulty [regicide and an inter-regnum] put paid to this .....

[we are sorry to interrupt this broadcast, but Her Majesty has unfortunately suffered a mental breakdown and has had to be hospitalised (i.e. has been taken into custody by the State Law and Order Commission)]

Basically, as the ever-excellent SpyBlog points out, the government wishes to sneak a section (Part 6 Article 43) into a Bill just published entitled 'The Governance of Britain - Draft Constitutional Renewal Bill', which will effectively ressurect the pernicious terms of the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill granting the government the legal right to over-turn any piece of legislation by simple Ministerial fiat, effectively turning the UK into a dictatorship, which the government had to back-down from after the outrage aroused a couple of years ago once its terms became widely understood. Perhaps Brown and his cronies think we will just roll over and accept it this time.

I do hope that this Government is turfed out at the next general election; the last Conservative government did a number of silly things, some pretty unpleasant things, too, during its 18 years in power, but nothing approaching the pernicious kind of legislation that the present Labour government seems to specialise in.

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