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Sunday 6 January 2008

Sunday YouTube - 'Dragostea Din Tei' by Ozone

This is my first Sunday YouTube for almost 4 months, since before my blog went into [as it turned out, temporary] dormancy at the end of September last year in fact.

Ozone is a Moldovan pop group and the song is written in Romanian and if you read this it seems that the best translation of the song title is 'Love out of a clear blue sky', apparently a play on words about the linden (lime) tree and the fact that this pop video is set ['virtually'-speaking] on the wing of an aircraft in flight with blue skies all around is probably confirmation.

It's a very cheery song for a cold (but bright and sunny) January day, but is obviously quite 'camp'. It seems that this aspect of the song spawned a number of parodies amongst which is this effort by Los Morancos de Triano, a group of Spanish humorists, called 'Pluma Gay' ['Gay Mannerisms'], also known even less ambiguously as 'Marica Tú' ['Queer You']:

All good fun!

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