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Tuesday 25 September 2007

Difference in location, difference in tone

I may have posted a few days back about the iniquity of a number of British bloggers having their online presences eliminated at the whim of a wealthy foreign person of dubious reputation who has the means to employ legal paid help in this country to assist him in keeping criticism under wraps, by threatening a webhost here. All of these unfortunate bloggers deserve our sympathy and support, but there is no getting away from the fact that not all of these bloggers are people I would consent to have any personal dealing with, under any circumstances. Louses (lice?) may have the same rights as everyone else, but some soon revert to type when given half a chance:

Sweet - a post on the restored website of Boris Johnson MP by Tim Ireland;


Sour - a post at the temporary website of Tim Ireland; see para. 4) in particular. Graceless, I'd say. I've never linked to Bloggerheads in my blogroll, and have read his posts only occasionally (when mentioned in some of his allies' blogs that I link to) because he's not in my Bloglines subscriptions either; I don't plan to change this situation in the light of recent events. Obviously though, Tim Ireland should be able to publish his thoughts for those that wish to read them, so to that extent (and to that extent only) I continue to support his efforts to maintain an online presence and to receive redress from those who caused his blog to disappear.

No doubt Boris Johnson knows his own business, but I do find his choice of method of hosting his blog to be curious, to say the least. But that's just me.

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