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Tuesday, 25 September 2007

2,000 days blogging, 2,268 posts - and counting ...

... I normally mark my 'blog birthdays' only on the anniversary of the day I started this blog, 3rd April 2002. However, it so happens that today marks the 2,000th day my blog has been in existence and this 'marker' post is the 2,269th I've written so far. Now, I think I deserve just a teensy-weensy glass of the excellent Chateau Rieussec 1986 Sauternes I opened a couple of evenings ago to go with some delicious, creamy fois gras; this afternoon, however, I'm drinking a glass with a Belgian truffle. Delicious!

I have only a couple of bottles of this vintage left, purchased I think in around 1991 or thereabouts and it remains in remarkably good condition; a luscious honeyed mouthful with notes of apricot and spice and not in the least cloying, despite its sweetness, although I think that it will be better to use up the remaining bottles in the next year or two. I see from the latest Wine Society price list that a bottle of 2002 vintage currently retails for £33.00 (around $66.00).

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