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Thursday 23 August 2007

The mainstream media tries to 'understand' blogland and the web

In its relentless desire to try and 'understand' blogs and to 'explain' them to its readers we have this latest example from Giles Turnbull in the Telegraph. Excuse me, but 'yawn'. As this article (dated October 2005 - almost two years ago) makes clear, tumblelogging is not new - and I came across this article after just a very brief Google search on the topic. Some 'bloggers' have been doing this, off and on, for years - even if they didn't necessarily label what they do as tumblelogging, some like to write long and oftentimes boring diatribes that are interesting only to themselves and, just possibly, their mummies (sufficiently anaesthatised with alcohol and/or drugs, one supposes) - a certain little devil springs to mind, whereas others have always preferred to write all or mainly much shorter, pithier pieces - some indeed have always just posted photos with little or no commentary. Why, even the blogger I link to doesn't write only long diatribes, some of his posts are more than just usually short and pithy. However, apart from my general snarkiness, there's room for all kinds of bloggers - even the few MSM journalists who take the trouble to write interesting blogs worth visiting more than once. It's the sheer laziness of so-called journalists like the good Mr Turnbull that gives the MSM a bad name.

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