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Thursday 31 May 2007

Labour don't like it up 'em - sore losers in Scotland

Look, so far as I'm concerned, a plague on both SNP and Labour houses! I make no secret of my less than cordial views about anything that bears the taint of 'socialism', a political philosophy which has proved itself in practice to be quite inimical to 'democracy', wherever in the world it has been tried, despite the theories upon which it is supposed to be based (*). However, Alex Salmond is now First Minister of Scotland having been successful in 'besting' the Labour political machine in Scotland in a more or less fair fight.

Labour, both in Scotland itself and the London leadership are having great difficulty coming to terms with the 'will of the people'; I'm not particularly happy about it either, but I have to live with it just like everyone else. However, for a better example of churlishness than this example from Labour you will have to search hard. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown (not to mention Tom McCabe) need to grow up, and fast!!

Even Her Majesty the Queen got in a helicopter to Holyroodhouse to receive Her new First Minister and from the television reports I have seen both behaved with impeccable decorum, whatever their private thoughts might have been. It's time for Tony Blair to quit his global perambulations and meet with the new Scottish Executive - and to do it with magnanimity and grace. As for Gordon Brown, well he has just confirmed to everyone who ever sees the ghastly television footage above how unfitted he is to be Prime Minister - 'pathetic' and embarrassment (for him) are the words that come to mind.

(*) I've expressed the same kind of thoughts before in this blog, and occasionally in comments in other blogs, and generally there has been at least one apologist for 'socialism' who has criticised me for my blanket condemnation. Tough! Name me one country in the world where 'socialism' has resulted in long-term benefit for the people it is theoretically designed to help. Some things 'socialists' do have proved positive, I grant you, but the overall results of this pernicious system are always overwhelmingly negative for the human condition. You are welcome to try and demonstrate otherwise. A small suggestion - the record of the Labour government over the past ten years under Blair and Brown would not, in my view, be a good place to start.

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