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Sunday 8 April 2007

Lewis should have Sunday ferry service, consultant recommends

A consultant hired by the local council has suggested (UPI article) that ferry services to Stornoway (from Ullapool) on Sundays would bring new jobs to the island. It already has Sunday flights and neighbouring Harris started to run Sunday ferries a year ago, so I think it was only a matter of time before the traditional power of the Lord's Day Observance Society was successfully challenged. Or, as Finlay MacLeod, a writer and broadcaster who supports Sunday ferries puts it:

"I think that in the future, people will look back on the situation here in Lewis and wonder why it took so long and how a single group managed to so dominate civic society on this island."


My only worry is that this latest move might be connected to a 'plea' a couple of weeks ago by Highlands and Islands Enterprise Innse Gall for yet more subsidies to be given to the Western Isles; is this the 'bribe' that the local religious bigots are going to be offered for them to acquiesce to Sunday ferries?

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