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Thursday 8 February 2007

Personally I expect 'justice' from our legal system

SNP justice spokesman Kenny McAskill says what taxpayers (presumably Scottish taxpayers) want is this : "They expect it to go towards victims of domestic violence or those suffering accidents at work. They don't expect it to go towards a convicted drug dealer pursuing his whim and fancy. He put himself outside the law. He was punished and £5,000 would be better spent seeing justice for victims."

What I expect from our legal system, Mr McAskill, is 'justice', although I am perfectly willing to concede that what people mean when they use that word is open to wide interpretation. However, I am pretty certain that what Mr McAskill says they want is true only for denizens of our tabloid newspapers, such as the Record, the Sun or the Daily Mail. Less of the political grandstanding Mc Askill, the Holyrood elections are still 3 months away!

Frankly I would rather leave the application of Scotland's laws in the capable hands of the Court of Session; I don't want some jumped-up politician of the SNP, or any other, variety trying to manipulate the Court's rulings to their own populist agenda. People used to say the same kind of thing, Mr McAskill, when calls were first made for women to be allowed to vote; think about that, Mr McAskill.

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