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Tuesday, 13 December 2005

Holyrood - former project director to take early retirement.

I've just read that Barbara Doig is to take early retirement and will receive "a substantial one-off payment and a pension based on her final salary".

Now, whatever I may think of the way in which the project to build a building deemed suitable to house our new Scottish Parliament, our elected representatives and the administrative staff required (and my views on that will probably be clear to anyone who has read my blog for a while - I highlight just a very few of the articles I have written over the past three years on this subject), my only comment is that there are a number of people much higher up the 'food chain' than Mrs Doig (specifically amomgst our elected representatives) who took not only the political decision to build the thing as it is today, but (at the very least) must have been aware of and acquiesced in the appointment of Mrs Doig to a role way beyond her managerial capabilities. What about making snide comments about the assets, accrued or to come by way of pensions, of those who were amongst those really responsible for this whole sorry episode - the First Minister who wanted that particular site and that particular architect appointed in the first place and the Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament in post throughout most of the period until the project was completed? Well I have made a few snide comments myself in the past about the roles these gentlemen seem to have played, by commission or omission, in realising the building, but even I think it would be inequitable to go after only some poor woman who was given a role she had neither the authority nor the capacity to control effectively whilst glossing over, in practical terms, the others whose negligence and/or vanity allowed this to develop as it did.

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