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Wednesday, 11 February 2004

Holyrood and the Fraser Inquiry - the dirt begins to fly in earnest

The analysis in the Scotsman of the current progress of the Fraser Inquiry into the fiasco that is the Scottish Parliament Building overspend summarises very clearly the dangers of allowing groups of people with no expertise in what they are supposed to be overseeing to spend a great deal of money belonging to other people (i.e. the tax-paying public).

Barbara Doig is an unattractive character (sorry, that is just my view), but she alone so far, of those I have heard, seems to have tried to ask some hard questions about who had been contracted to design and build this edifice, as well as the elected officials who were not exactly disinterested parties in the matter of procuring for themselves an ever more lavish working environment without any regard for those who would have to pay for it. One can hardly blame Barbara Doig for accepting a 'move sideways' so as to escape the mad Alice-in-Wonderland shortcomings of the project management and financing of this project.

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