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Saturday, 2 April 2005

The Pope is dead

and pretend I am sorry.

I am not.

He may have done good in the world, but the organisation over which he presided has been responsible for some pretty deplorable things, too (this is not to single out the Roman Catholic Church, many other Christian denominations and other religions are similarly culpable of various 'errors'). In my view he has much to answer for.

The most I can bring myself to say is that the death of any human being is sad, whether it be Pope John Paul II or anyone else.

UPDATE: (Sunday 3APR05 10.00 BST) When I originally wrote this article I decided not to link to any online media reports as they were so ubiquitous and the news so widespread that I felt a link to be superfluous. However, I have found a link which is far more appropriate than most of the synchophantic rubbish contained in most other reports - I think it says what requires to be said very well. Finally, if people are offended because of what I have written, then it is just too bad - they should be more discriminating in selecting the organisations and belief-systems to which they lend their support.

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