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Thursday, 10 March 2005

New links added - March 2005 - batch 1

Here is another set of 10 additions to my blogroll; if some of them are unfamiliar I'd like to recommend that you pay them a visit to see what you think. They are in no particular order below:
Arthur's Seat - quite an interesting blog based in Edinburgh, commenting on a variety of subjects, such as politics, the economy and what is going on in the wider world;
Bishop Hill - we know little of Bishop Hill, because (s)he reveals little about (her)himself, but I glean that it is British-(possibly Scottish-?)based and the writing is generally of a pretty high quality on a variety of matters. It's difficult to be absolutely sure, but I detect a slight right-of-centre bias;
Englishman in New York - the title says most of what you need to know; Paul Berger is a freelance journalist living in New York. A different view of the UK, and of the US for that matter;
Guido Fawkes' blog - self-described as being about 'plots, rumours & conspiracy'. A mixture of interesting, scurrilous and amusing in varying proportions;
Jonathan Lockhart's Notebook - a Manchester-based(?) euro-sceptic who writes well; although recently he has not written much he seems to to have started again (sporadically) so may be worth following;
Liberty Cadre - a recently-started UK-based libertarian group blog with the main perosnality behind it being Andrew Ian Dodge. Whilst I take issue with some of what they write (and why not - that's what diversity is all about), most of it is pretty sound. A different take from a lot of the statist nonsense I read elsewhere;
Lost in Westminster ('Hamishmac') - the writer describes him(?)self as a staffer working at Westminster for a female Scottish Labour MP (said to be 'fairly prominent') with a marginal seat. Naturally a lot of what is written, and the views expressed, are not to my taste at all, but the quality of the writing is pretty high and (within the limits of a sensible level of professional discretion) there is a good deal of honesty in the writing here - quite a useful source for the 'pulse' of thinking in some Labour quarters;
Shuggy's Blogspot (D Grant) - tagline is "Because having a conversation is better than listening to a sermon...". Intelligent and balanced comment on a wide range of issues from a Glasgow-based teacher. You have to read quite carefully to confirm that he is to the left politically, but his arguments are usually so cogently and fairly expressed that this is surprisingly refreshing, even to somoeone rather [a lot] further to the right of the political spectrum than he;
The Skakagrall (Simon Holledge) - a Callander-based supporter of the Scottish National Party and its desire for 'independence', prior to which he was a Labour supporter. His posts are well-written and civilised in tone and are interesting as well as refreshing;
Third Avenue - the writer describles himself as a Briton living in New York. Well-written posts, although his left-wing biases sometimes get in the way. He is evidently an opera-lover as many of his posts are devoted to reviews of the numerous performances he attends - what I like about this blog is the fact that he talks about something completely outside politics with such obvious passion.

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