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Wednesday, 9 March 2005

Demetrius Panton to stand against Margaret Hodge at general election

According to Labour Watch, Demetrius Panton will stand against Margaret Hodge in her Barking constituency at the general election expected in a few months.

I wrote about Demetrius Panton in November 2003 when he was obliged to defend himself against the incredibly foolish(*) slurs which Margaret Hodge had made about Mr Panton's emotional condition. Such arrogance has been typical of this government since it came to power - there have been regular attempts to smear those who have the temerity to criticise it, seen most recently in the cases of two families who have made negative comments about the government's NHS policies.
(* - I use the word 'foolish' because the slurs were so easily disprovable)

Whether Mr Panton can realistically hope to overturn the sizeable Labour majority in Barking is perhaps doubtful. At the very least, though, I hope his campaign will give Mrs Hodge a metaphorical 'bloody nose'.


  1. I sincerely hope that Demetrius makes some inroads in his quest. We need someone with morals and backbone in government. I have a problem that I was going to write to Margaret Hodge about and now it seems there is nowhere to turn. Who is to stand for common sense?

  2. This is a post over 6 (six!) years ago, Jojo. It is not clear if the reason you wished (why didn't you long ago!) to write to Margaret Hodge about relates to her former ministerial role, presumably with some connection with the Demetrius Panton scandal, or whether it is some problem with the current government.


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