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Wednesday, 5 January 2005

What a load of utter twaddle in the Guardian ...

... nothing new there, then!!

Decca Aitkenhead says that Jamaican homophobia is entirely the result of the policies of its former evil colonial rulers, the British. It's true that at one time the UK had pretty vile anti-gay legislation on its books, most of which (but not all) is now gone. Aitkenhead relays the views of H J Paterson, Prime Minister of Jamaica: "Let me make it very clear," he said. "The laws of Jamaica must be determined by the parliament of Jamaica, and that right we will maintain. We will never - never - compromise."

Fair enough, Jamaica is an independent country and can do whatever it likes. But I'm afraid that I have no plans to keep silent when this hypocrite Paterson makes a play for wealthy western tourist money. We western tourists, and certainly those amongst us who happen to be gay, have every right to choose where we spend our leisure time and money and as I am certainly no masochist it would be pointless, not to say completely idiotic, for a gay person such as me to go to Jamaica and expect to enjoy the visit. I'm quite happy to leave them to their poverty-ridden independence - they'll get no interference from me. I can go to any number of attractive destinations, some of which I just wrote about in my previous post, and be made welcome as a gay man.

As for the Guardian and Ms Aitkenhead, I am frankly extremely angry (spitting angry, in fact!!) at this so-called 'liberal' wailing about the evils of our colonial past; countries which have become independent, and their Guardianista apologists, should grow up - I have no intention of acquiescing in the guilt-trip they seem to want to wallow around in. What disgusting and misguided idiots!!

Rant over ... calm is being restored. A pre-lunch glass of fino is what I need. See you later.

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