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Friday, 20 August 2004

"Preparing for emergencies - what you need to know"

I wrote a few weeks back about the government's plan to issue each household in the UK with a booklet desgined to help us to prepare ourselves should some unforeseen disaster arise. I received my copy (two copies, actually - *) today:

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I hope, firstly, that this whole exercise will prove to be a great deal of unnecessary expenditure - by that I mean, of course, I hope that no unforeseen disaster will eventuate, but in case it does this public-awareness building exercise may just possibly help to mitigate the damage.

The booklet may be viewed in full, and copies can be downloaded in PDF format in various versions and languages, at

Other useful links included within the booklet are:

Civil Contingencies Secretariat
UK Resilience

Emergency planning for schools

Advice on emergency planning for businesses

Basic First Aid
- if people are seriously injured call '999' (or '112', the EU-wide standard emergency number)

For other First Aid advice, visit:
- Red Cross;
- St. Andrew's Ambulance Association (if you are in Scotland);
- NHS Direct

Helping to prevent a terrorist attack
- You can call the Police Anti-Terrorism Hotline on 0800789 321 (freefone);
- If you believe there is an immediate threat to life, call '999' (or '112')

This has been a public service announcement from
(* - I have two mailboxes, for reasons which are unimportant here)


  1. This is is a pretty good list! Small and easy enough to remember that can be also kept on mobile phones.

    Heathrow Air Ambulance Service

  2. Thanks for your kind remarks - it's always good to have reaffirmation that information about "what to do, just in case ..." Is useful and valid. Kind regards.


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