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Thursday, 19 August 2004

A frustrating day!

A lot of the reasons for my frustration today are to do with personal matters (not in my personal life as such, more to do with some of the petty indiviudals I come into contact with) that I don't discuss in my blog; suffice to say that I went to bed last night in a very irritable mood, with the world in general and a few acquaintances in particluar. I wakened up frustrated.

It got better during the morning - I had just composed another of my usual brilliant posts (ha! ha!) and pushed the 'publish' button; it was slow and eventually all I got was the 'website not responding' message. This has been happening of late from time to time and I keep reminding myself that I really should make an off-line copy of my posts before uploading them in case it all goes wrong and I lose the whole lot; today I did not do that. Usually these comms problems don't actually cause the whole thing to disappear - I suppose it depends on precisely how much has been saved by the Blogger server when the comms 'glitch' occurs. Today the whole lot was lost and whilst I could have re-created the post more or less from memory, with all the various links I had used, I had to go out for several hours soon after it happened and when I returned (after lunch) I really couldn't be bothered. I daresay the world will get along just fine without these particular pearls of wisdom.

A little later in the day I ended up smoking out most of the house as I forgot I had left something gently simmering on the hob; apart from ending up a charred remnant in the bottom of the pan, no real damage except that there is a lingering burning smell in the rooms nearest the kitchen.

Later still in the day I started to look to take a look at my [investment] portfolio as I need to finalise this year's tax return shortly; for the past few months (indeed for the past couple of years) that has not been a subject to bring much joy to most investors and I am probably no exception, although luckily it can be classified as merely 'disappointing', definitely not 'critical'; it's too well diversified for that. Nevertheless, not something that brings a smile to the face.

Added to which the weather here has been lousy these past few days; water has been coming down from the sky all over the country at a rate of knots with severe disruption to roads and day to day life in a number of areas. Very unseasonable weather, even for the UK!

Right, I think I've ranted on long enough; I better stop for today. But all this is why I've not really posted anything today (other than this petulant outburst). A small glass of sercial [madeira] is what I need. Cheers until tomorrow ...

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