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Wednesday, 7 July 2004

Mini iPod to sell in UK for GBP179

I haven't yet joined the iPod 'revolution', indeed I suspect that as my main listening when out of doors is to the radio, and I have a very compact and unobtrusive unit to help me do that, I may never really see the need to do so. However, for those interested in this minor aspect of consumer culture in wealthy western countries, it seems that Apple will on 24th July launch its pared-down version and that this will sell for GBP179 in the UK. It has a 4GB drive capable of holding upto 1,000 songs. The full version, launched a few months ago, costs a little more at around GBP219, has a 40GB drive and holds upto 10,000 songs!

I'm sure there will be a huge market for the new machine, just as there has been for the existing model, but if I was in the market I think I'd pay the extra GBP40 (peanuts, really) for the hugely greater capacity, even if I might be unlikely ever to need it. (Let's face it, my current main PC has a 120GB hard drive and I think I use somewhere between only 30 and 40GB of that - but the marginal cost nowadays of increased memory is so small that it seems pointless to saddle oneself with a drive which may not suffice until the machine comes due for replacement.)

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