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Saturday, 17 April 2004

Guantanamo and South Carolina detentions to come before US Supreme Court

Briefs disputing the validity of the indefinite detention without charges being brought against them of what the US Administration describes as 'enemy comabtants' come before the US Supreme Court in coming days. This New York Times discussion of the issues involved is timely and most interesting.

I await the outcome of the Supreme Court's deliberations with intense interest.

There remain a small number of UK citizens illegally detained at Guantanamo by President Bush's administration. I reiterate my view that they, and all the other detainees, should either be charged with a crime or crimes, without further delay, and brought before an internationally recognised legal forum (which does not include the kangaroo military courts the Bush administratrion has in mind) or liberated forthwith from the legal limbo in which they are held.

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