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Friday, 12 March 2004

Tony Blair's prescient speech last week comes quickly and grimly to life in Madrid

This article in The Scotsman will, I hope, cause some the doubters and scoffers amongst its readers and in the wider UK community to reassess their views on the dangers posed to civilised societies in all parts of the world.

Regular readers of this blog know that on most issues of politics I have little time for Tony Blair, but I remain of the firm belief that on this issue he is absolutely correct and consistent in his views; even before the trauma of '9/11', when dramatic measures were being taken by the Italian authorities to try and counteract the anti-globalisation activists from disrupting a meeting of world-leaders in that country during the summer before the tragedy in New York, Tony Blair issued statements which were unequivocal in their nature and which, I confess, I thought were completely 'over the top' at the time. It was only in the context of '9/11' that I began to perceive that there must really be a lot more going on in this world than most of us, who live pretty comfortable and uneventful lives, could ever imagine. Events like yesterday's horrific attacks in Madrid serve, for me, to bring these hard realities into even greater focus.

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