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Thursday 19 November 2020

Martin Bashir, The BBC and "the interview" with Lady Diana, Princess of Wales

I never saw “the interview” (I chose not to watch it, perhaps “I was washing my hair” that evening), but I did occasionally see journalist Martin Bashir on Panorama, the long-running BBC current affairs pogramme. I always found his oily smoothness somewhat repellent, not to mention the sanctimonious tones he always adopted when presenting “religious” items. Incongruous I always thought, in view of his muck-raking journalistic activities - and I didn’t/don’t care much about people’s bedding arrangements, however prominent or obscure they are in society, unless actual laws are being flouted. I’m a libertarian and don’t care for small-minded people who moralise about others’ behaviour, whoever they are. It’s all so “tacky”. 

Perhaps this latest "judge-led" inquiry will reveal what laws, if any, may have been broken by Martin Bashir and/or the BBC in his/their quest for a "scoop".

See the Huffington Post article about the interview and the continuing contoversy here.

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