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Monday 23 March 2015

In Scotland? Vote tactically in May 2015 General Election - Keep SNP Out!

As I indicated in an article here posted during February 2015 (link here), I indicated that it is my intention to vote "tactically" at the forthcoming general election in May 2015 and that in the context of my own constituency this means I shall in all probability vote for the Liberal Democrat candidate, based on my own assessment of the political dynamics of this area, with the aim of trying to ensure that the SNP does not win here.

Recently I have 'liked' a Facebook group called Scotland's Big Voice ("SBV" for short), which like me has the aim of thwarting the disaster that too many (or any) SNP MPs at Westminster would represent, plus the aim of removing the SNP as Scotland's government at next year's Scottish Parliament election and obviously I would be happy to see that happen too. There's an interesting analysis of the SBV here in the website.

For the General Election in May 2015, SBV have drawn up a 'wheel' of all Scottish constituencies with suggestions of how people should vote tactically to minimise the number of SNP MPs elected and I am happy to say their assessment of my constituency (Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch & Strathspey) tallies with my own. Below is the full chart:

- obviously to make this work effectively, people will to a greater or lesser extent have to vote "through gritted teeth" for a Party they might not normally choose to vote for; in many constituencies this will obviously involve a vote for Labour, anathema for me of course, or indeed for the Conservative or Liberal Democrat candidate, which for some natural Labour supporters would be similarly unpalatable under normal circumstances. But we are not in normal circumstances - if you want to maintain the long-term integrity of the United Kingdom and retain Scotland's position within it, some discomfort for a good cause will be essential if we are to prevent the SNP continuing its machinations to tear our country apart. Once the SNP is consigned to the trash-heap of history where it belongs, normal political business can be resumed.


  1. Dream on ! The SNP is here to stay. The mendacity of the LibDemLabCon assures it. Your "normal political business" is fetid. The scouring is imminent.

  2. Ha Ha! That worked out well in the referendum last September, despite all the bluster beforehand, didn't it? ;) As for your "scouring" remark, that just places you firmly in the fanatic category. The only mendacity here is the false promises of the SNP.

  3. Someone just tried to post a comment here "That's your opinion!" - well of course it is, doh! It's my blog - this whole blog is full of my opinions, that the whole point of it. It is called "Bill's Comment Page" for a reason.

    The reason I have not published the comment is because it contained a spurious link and whoever it was trying to make this comment should read the 'terms of use' for this blog, linked to near the top-right. Observe the 'terms of use' and make sensible comments, even critical ones, and I shall publish them.


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