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Thursday 17 July 2014

Two months tomorrow, Scotland will vote to remain in the UK!

.. or at least such is my fervent hope and, if one is to believe the regularly-published opinion polls, this is indeed likely to be the outcome of the referendum on Scotland's continuance as a component part of the United Kingdom to be held on 18th September 2014.

But it would be very unwise to be complacent. Everyone who is eligible to vote should do so, whichever way you choose to vote. The higher the percentage of eligible voters who exercise their right to vote the more accurate and credible will be the result.

I am very clear where I stand on this issue; I want Scotland to remain a part of the United Kingdom, so I shall be voting "no" in the referendum. I am British and I wish to remain British. Obviously I am also Scottish, but I see no conflict (whatsoever) between being British and Scottish - they are almost if not entirely the same - I expect most of my English, Welsh and Northern Irish co-citizens feel more or less the same. Hopefully on 19th September we can all of us look forward to a continuing future as British citizens.


  1. fav song NO camp

    Wake Me Up Till September Ends

    5 years ago I never thought YES had a chance,taking devo max off the ballot could be one of the biggest political blunders in history.

  2. A blunder for whom? I think having a straight yes/no vote will focus the minds of eligible voters. We'll know the result soon enough in any case, in all probability during the early hours of Friday 19th September ;)


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