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Wednesday 19 February 2014

To be clear - this joker does NOT represent me!

A message that needs to be shouted from the rooftops! This joker may represent some (a minority) of Scots, but in no way does he represent me or most other Scots! A very timely reminder. Not all of us Scots, or even a majority, are in thrall to the SNP ...

Those of us, the majority of Scots, who wish to remain an integral part of the UK need to become more vocal to correct the impression that some of our fellow UK citizens may be beginning to form that we Scots are lukewarm about what we want. Quite apart from practical considerations (currency, taxation, trade, EU membership, etc.) I am VERY emotionally attached to retaining my status as a British (i.e. UK) citizen; this has got nothing to do with me not being very proud to be a Scot, which I am, but I am also proud to be British and wish to remain so.

Don't sit idly by and accept the taunts of biased SNP supporters who try to assert that opposing their views implies that one is somehow "unpatriotic" as a Scot - we have just as much a right to our views as they do.

Apathy won't keep us British - please use your vote in the referendum on 18th September to express your view, whatever it is. Don't wake up on 19th September to find that the vote has been allowed to go by default to those favouring separation/'independence'.

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