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Monday 28 January 2013

Unusual website searches

I haven't written a blog of this kind for several years, but a visit to my little blog earlier today piqued my interest, specially as the search parameters involved have a definite 'Nairn' connection, as it alighted on a blog article I wrote almost six years ago.

In any case, the item that I noticed originated from a place rejoicing in the name of 'Truth Or Consequences', New Mexico. I must admit I wondered how any place could ever have chosen such an unusual name, even in the generally little-populated western and south-western United States, but that 'fount of all knowledge' Wikipedia (however flawed it may be in its detail when analysed with objectivity) informs me that this place really exists (as indeed does a similar search in Google Maps), having changed its name from its former nomenclature of 'Hot Springs', because of the spas created there, to its present name because of a radio programme called 'Truth Or Consequences' having run a competition in 1950.

One can only assume that someone with Nairn connections has fetched up in this corner of the US - if so Howdy!

(Funnily enough, there is a similarly unusually-named place in Scotland called 'Rest and be Thankful' in Argyllshire [now Argyll & Bute] - read more here.)

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