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Monday, 20 August 2012

Roman Catholic cardinal in Scotland throws a wobbler & Boris comes good

So what else is new? Roman Catholic Cardinal Keith O'Brien has thrown his toys out of the pram - not really the first time he has done this, but passing on...

The good Cardinal's strop relates to the intention of the Scottish Executive (aka 'Government') to [consult to] legislate for same-sex marriage in Scotland and his decision to cease personal contact with the First Minister. Well, bully for him! But who really cares? This is just the petulant reaction of a person who has no serious commentary to make. Anyone who has read my blog will know already that I have little time for Alex Salmond (the First Minister of Scotland, Gawd help us!) and none at all for the aims of the SNP, but even I must sympathise with Mr Salmond having to deal with self-important nonentities such as O'Brien. In any case, why should the Roman Catholic Church be given any special right to have discussions with the Executive, or even officials - of course, individuals within that sky-fairy organisation, as citizens, have a right to have their opinions heard, just like any other citizen, but beyond that I fail to understand what special right this organisation has to any special consideration. His sky-fairy organisation is trying the same tactics of intimidation it tried with the last Spanish government in 2005, when it legislated for same sex marriage in Spain in the face of the virulent attacks of O'Brien's co-religionists in that country and the rogue-state Vatican, the nexus of that sinister organisation (* - see below); the current Spanish government (and its President/Prime Minister) is trying to reverse that legislation, but have so far not stacked the Constitutional Court there sufficiently to assure themselves of success, fortunately, but it will require continual vigilance to thwart these homophobes whose real job should be to try and solve Spain's economic problems and importantly to try and reduce the chronic levels of unemployment there - witch-hunts against the LGBT community may satisfy their core supporters but will do nothing to address these issues.

Now, passing on from nonentities such as 'Cardinal' Keith O'Brien to more important matters, it is pleasing to note that the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has become the latest senior politician to express his support for permitting same sex marriage. Well done, Boris!

(*) Just for clarification, this is not a commentary directed solely at the Roman Catholic Church; it applies equally to the Church of Scotland and the Church of England, which are just as blinkered in their own ways, if perhaps less blatantly publicity-seeking for their sick ideas. If this offends any reader, then I make no apology - if you adhere to such disfunctional organisations please note I consider they merit all the negative commentary that is justifiedly thrown at them.

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