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Friday 18 November 2011

Nigel Farage tells the truth to the European Parliament

I am not remotely a supporter of UKIP, nor of Nigel Farage, but it is undeniable that he often speaks great sense - colourfully, yes, but always jovially and rationally. Here he is, telling the unvarnished truth to the European Parliament on Wednesday 16th November 2011, in the presence of both Herman van Rompuy (President of the European Council) and José Manuel Barroso (President of the European Commission), about the constitutional outrages that have been perpetrated upon two EU member states in recent weeks, namely Greece and Italy.

Whatever one may have thought of Papandreou and Berlusconi, both were democratically elected by their respective countries, a lot more than can be said of the current puppet governments in both countries, nor indeed of von Rompuy and Barroso. It is a truly extraordinary phenomenon! Europe has slid, without any fanfare whatsoever, into a fascistic nightmare not, I am completely certain, any part of it a desire by modern-day Germany to 'dominate', but perhaps because of a completely understandable desire in Germany not to debauch their currency because of the painful relatively-recent history of that country. Even now, I can hardly believe what has happened and is still continuing to happen. From the time the UK joined what was then the European Economic Community (EEC), I have been a fervent supporter of it and I was even, emotionally at least, in favour of the setting-up of the Euro as a currency. However, I was always worried that this could never work properly without complete fiscal union of the countries involved, and for more or less the reasons that most now see the Euro as being a complete disaster. It bears repeating that the two countries which first broke the rule that national budget deficits should not exceed 3 per cent, as far back as 2003, were Germany and France and nothing happened, because both were/are too powerful. However, when a third country, Portugal, did the same it was 'read the riot act'. It was really from then that I began to have a much stronger view that the UK had been completely correct not to join the Euro, not of course that our own Labour government was behaving any more responsibly, but at least Labour kept us out of that disaster.

To be honest, whilst I am still not a Eurosceptic, I hesitate any longer to say I am a Europhile - if people like me are beginning to think this way, then I really do wonder how long we can be denied a referendum on our continuing membership of the European Union.

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