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Saturday 10 September 2011

Nairn murder - potential new lead?

(Please see UPDATE at end)

The Inverness Courier (picked up by the Press Association and the BBC) is reporting that it has received a telephone call from a man who "claimed he was a Dutch charity worker who met a Highland man who knew the killer of 30-year-old Mr Wilson. During the conversation, lasting almost 20 minutes, the contact first enquired if the case had been solved and went on to name the man he met abroad and give details of where and when.". The caller is reported by the Inverness Courier to have said: "He said he knew all about it. He knew this Mr Wilson and knows the man who killed him".

Very circuitous information - what we can gather is that a caller, apparently a Dutch charity worker, says he spoke with a 'Highland man' who says he knew Mr Alistair Wilson (who was murdered on his doorstep in Nairn in November 2004) and the man who killed him (who according to what he is alleged to have said is a person other than himself). The Inverness Courier reports also that the caller named the 'Highland man' he had met abroad and made mention of it being a crime with an 'international link' and that the clue may lie in China.

Presumably the Inverness Courier has passed on the name of the person named by the caller to the Police (Northern Constabulary) and that assuming this 'Highland Man' is in the Highlands efforts will be made to trace him and to ask him what he knows. All very intriguing.

As I usually mention when writing about this case, if you have information about this crime, visit the Northern Constabulary dedicated page or telephone Nairn Police now on 01667 452222, the Inquiry Team in Inverness on 01463 715555, or you may make an anonymous call to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. (NB/ Since the amalgamation of all Scottish police forces into one unified body, the website link has changed and can now be found here.)

My most recent previous article on the murder is here. There are links to all my posts on this murder, so close to where I live, in the right-hand column under the heading 'Murder in Nairn' articles.

UPDATE (Tuesday 29NOV2011 08.40 GMT) The Inverness Courier is reporting that the potential new lead, referring to a connection in China, has now been ruled out. This 7 year old murder remains unsolved.

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