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Saturday 7 May 2011

Job done! Proposal for AV voting system sent to 'central filing'

The proposal to change (euphemistically called a 'reform' of) the UK voting system by introducing the 'Alternative Voting' system for Westminster elections has been soundly defeated and the proposal consigned to the history books as a 'failure', or as I prefer to put it, it has been sent to 'central filing'.

A great result!

(NB/ It is bizarre that I have to go to the Guardian newspaper to get straightforward information about the results, whereas the BBC website waffles on interminably, without giving actual cold, hard figures - why and how has it wasted so much time, effort and money and still manage to avoid giving the results in figures?!)


  1. Not sure it was a good result, but at least the question was asked and the majority have spoken.

  2. Hi Brian

    Yes indeed, to the final point you make. Of com, specially from the 'yes' side (but some from the 'no' side, too) that the campaigning efforts were 'over the top' and resorted to 'mistruths' or other kinds of skullduggery to further their aims. Inevitable really in such a high-profile change, but I think the margin was so wide for the 'winning side' that the 'propaganda' effects can be discounted.

    Finally, as I didn't vote (as I am currently in Spain, although was, funnily enough across in Sussex on the election day for a few days), the margin 'against' would have been one greater had I been back in Nairn to vote ;)


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