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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Potentially landmark ruling on EU residency rules

The European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, the body which ensures compliance by member states with EU Treaty law, has issued a ruling which could have very far-reaching implications for the residency rights of non-EU citizens.

In a case brought to it by the Brussels Labour Court for clarification it has ruled that a child of non-EU parents born in an EU state automatically acquires the citizenship, and must take the citizenship, of the EU member state in which [s]he is born and that by virtue of this the parents acquire automatically the right to live and work in that member state (and perhaps any other EU state[?], although the ruling does not seem to address this specific issue).

I do not have the negative attitude that many seem to with regard to non-EU immigration into member states, but it seems to me the implications of this ruling are potentially huge, whatever view one takes of the matter.

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