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Friday 17 September 2010

Protest The Pope - Day 2

Another excellent article in the series from the Made in Scotland blog here, to mark the second day of the 'State Visit' of Pope Benedict XVI to the UK.

Need a reason to protest the Pope - aside from the child-abuse excuse?

Reason #3 - he actively promotes discrimination, seeing homosexuality as "an intrinsic moral evil".

Read more here.

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  1. Hi Bill,

    Here's another reason to protest and to spread the word so others get the true nature and purpose of the lies long used to oppress and delude. I am also hopefully going to give you something very important to write about.

    I am the proverbial horse's mouth and I am now gifting you with the Vatican's worst nightmare, now realized. Christian Rome oppressed and massacred myriad souls over the previous age to prevent you from ever understanding what I have just made available to everyone.

    Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols

    There are big new troubles on the horizon for Rome. A new day is about to dawn...

    Peace and Wisdom,



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