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Thursday 17 June 2010

"You May Now Kiss The Groom"

The gentleman in the centre of the composition below will be visiting Britain later this year on what is, in this instance deplorably, called a "State Visit", as he is 'Head of State' of the Catholic enclave in Rome known as the Vatican City State - not some ancient entity as might be imagined, but a political development dating from as recently as 1929 - you can read more about the origins of what can best be described as an 'historical anomaly', not to mention an historic outrage, here. The practical effect of this designation for the visit of the current 'chieftain' of the Roman Catholic 'tribe' is that much of it will be paid for by British taxpayers, whether they are followers of the Roman Catholic 'sky fairy' religion or not, as the bulk of the cost of the visit of a Head of State is normally paid for by the host country.

The official stance of the Roman Catholic Church is that homosexuality is "intrinsically disordered". I'd like to throw this back at the Roman Catholic Church - it is genuinely "intrinsically disordered"; it is an organisation which enforces celibacy on its paid officials (of both sexes), but which nevertheless actively covered up the sexual deviancy of a large number of said paid officials in many countries over several DECADES, until forced by legal threats and financial sanctions by the civil legal authorities in a number of countries to begin to admit its wrongdoing and mend its ways.

A painting created by
Kevin Sharkey,Allesadro Tesei and Amo 2010
@ 80 Francis Street Dublin 8

Maybe one day the Holy Father, or a successor, will repent of his evil ways and officiate at a same-sex marriage, in acceptance of the fact that love can conquer all. I'm not holding my breath though!

Finally, unlike some, I attribute my sources - here and here.

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