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Monday 24 May 2010

Little things to remember before a journey ...

I leave Mazarrón (Murcia, Spain) tomorrow to begin my journey back to Nairn in the Highlands of Scotland and apart from trying to leave the house here in a reasonably clean condition, there are other little things to remember:

My first day of driving will take me to Córdoba where I will be spending a couple of days - there are reputdely many marvellous things to see there and I've wanted to visit it for a few years now. This is a week of fairs in the city, so it should be particularly lively.

On Thursday I'll be driving the relatively short distance to Toledo, another of those Spanish cities I've wanted to go to for quite a few years and will again be spending a couple of days there. The city has a very rich and diverse cultural history and of course there are many works by El Greco exhibited in venues there.

On Saturday I will have a longer journey to Bilbao, where I shall be spending a night prior to my departure for Portsmouth on the P&O ferry.

Once in the UK I shall be 'dawdling' my way up to Scotland, spending the first night in Winchester (the ferry arrives late-afternoon in Portsmouth so I can't go too far that day), before heading up to Manchester for a couple of nights. I've only ever transited the city before, by train or 'plabe, but there is much to do there, so I'm told - and this is my chance to find out. Finally, I will be spending a night in the Scottish Borders (a much under-rated area I've often just passed through on the way to somewhere else) before heading up to Nairn and home.

... and I shan't be neglecting to take my passport and other vital documents, as the little boy in the video did at first.


  1. Sounds great, it should be back to normal and raining / cold again by the time you get back here to Scotland. Welcome Home!

  2. Thanks. Yes, I see the forecast is cooler this week, although maybe by next week we'll have another 'heatwave' ;) - i.e. always look on the bright side of life! (with acknowledgements to Monty Python)

  3. Hi James,

    Not far from Lockerbie, in fact.

    Currently I am in Córdoba, by the way. The Mesquita, which I visited today, is absolutely wonderful - as indeed is the Botanic Garden here. Bill is one happy boy at the moment - perhaps it's the dry white Rioja I had with dinner and the glass of Pedro Ximenez (from Montilla-Morilles, nearby, rather than the more ubiquitous and equally-luscious Jerez) I had with pudding which is influencing my judgement just a little ;)


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