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Sunday 20 December 2009

Near 'white-out' in Nairn for a while

- and the kids get their snow to toboggan on!

Nairn - Sunday, 20th December 2009
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  1. It's superb - it's fantastic, it's wonderful. If it wasn't that I am in a lovely flat with beautiful aspect right now, I'd move to Scotland with no hesitation.

  2. Yes, it is pretty here in Nairn - the snow is back on again right now in what was once known colloquially as 'The Brighton of the North'. Mind you a move to nearer the real Brighton (of the south) wouldn't sit badly with me either - were it not for family commitments here I'd probably move pronto to Eastbourne or Worthing, to be nearer the [currently not functioning] Channel Tunnel, don't you know? ;)

  3. Yes, hello David, I saw that ;) One of the other local bloggers has written a couple of posts about it over recent days here:
    - and here:

    It's in many ways a great and under-rated place. Mind you, I recall reading a few years ago (around the millennium, I think) a similar kind of US-based write-up about Oban as one of the places to take refuge if the millennium-bug had struck.

    However, anything that can drive more business to Nairn can't be bad. In my own small way I have perhaps helped by chatting, as a 'local', to a number of US tourists
    over the past several years when walking with my late 'doggie' along the shore path just down from my apartment - we are a generally friendly lot up here, it is true :)

  4. good too see some scenes from our town well done.


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