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Saturday 8 August 2009

Perhaps he's also not a 'homophobe'?

It was salutary a couple of day ago to read this article by Stephen Pollard in the Telegraph that charges of anti-semitism against Michal Kaminski, an MP in Poland's Law and Justice Party, cannot be justified after careful study of his background and history. Mr Kaminski is Chairman of the recently-formed European Conservatives and Reformist Group, set up in advance of Britain's Conservative Party leaving the European People's Party grouping within the European Parliament. Mr Pollard is editor of the Jewish Chronicle and although I have found his views over the years somewhat 'reactionary' and needlessly confrontational, on this kind of subject I am happy to take his verdict at face value, as is Guido.

Perhaps a substantial revision is warranted in charges that he is homophobic? I genuinely do not know, but would certainly appreciate clarification. Obviously this factor has never much concerned either Stephen Pollard or Guido Fawkes, if their writings are a guide, although if I have missed something there, too, I will be glad to be corrected. Whilst charges of 'racism' are rightly taken very seriously and that aspect of a person's views rightly condemned when shown to be valid, by most 'right thinking' people, the same is certainly not true when 'homophobia' rears its ugly head, because a lot of people simply don't care or share, secretly or not so secretly, similar views.

Is this in reality simply a mud-slinging exercise by a discredited Labour Party directed against their currently much more popular Conservative Party rivals? It is certainly, to try and retain some semblance of objectivity, a very strong possibility, given the Labour Party's documented history of using smear-tactics against rivals both internal and external.

I will be interested to read of Mr Edward McMillan-Scott's reaction to the latest development vis-a-vis his charges of anti-semitism in particular, but any further remarks he may have about his remark regarding Mr Kaminski's alleged homophobia will be of interest, too.


  1. It comes down, in the end, to which is the more serious charge - to be antisemitic or homophobic.

  2. Yes, and ... ?

    I surmise you suggest that to have negative feelings about homosexuals (which might feed, and has in fact fed, through to practical consequences) either does not matter at all or is of less importance than racism? Is that accurate, or do I misinterpret your cryptic comment?

    Personally I find it deplorable, disgusting even, to try and draw up some kind of league table of hate. Everyone who went into the gas chambers under Nazism died, irrespective of whether they happened to be Jewish, homosexual, Romany or politically unacceptable in one way or the other!

    I find it contemptible that you choose to make such an ambiguous statement and would prefer it if you were to state clearly precisely what you think, even if I happened not to share your views.

  3. Nothing to be read into it, Bill, as I'm not homophobic, only Organizations-phobic. In fact, there is some glam coming up in music from from my gay days. I was once part of the community.

  4. James

    I find it difficult to reconcile your latest comment with what you wrote earlier.

    I am none the wiser what you really think. Please clarify your earlier comment if you care to.



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