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Sunday 21 June 2009

Tehran - Saturday 20 June 2009

WARNING: The first of the two embedded video-clips below shows the death of a young woman in Tehran yesterday. It is very explicit. If you prefer not to see it, do not press the 'play' icon.

Death of a young woman in the street in Tehran yesterday

A recording of the demonstrations in Tehran yesterday

(both thru Barcepundit)


  1. that video really is a harsh reality of an undemocratic government. Still, i know incidents like that occur, but i strongly support their protest of the election results...even if it does result in violence.

  2. BBC radio 4 are repeating the series

    Iran: A Revolutionary State

    It was first broadcast in 2006 and I heard the first two episodes yesterday and today. Part 3 tomorrow at 11.30 and the previous programmes are on i player.

    Fascinating stuff


  3. Cathy

    Thanks for the heads-up; it is obviously a late-change because of recent events as the series isn't shown in my Radio Times for this week.

    I think I did listen to the series when it was originally broadcast, but it probably bears a second-hearing, even for someone like me who spent many years in that part of the world (although my only prospective visit to Iran itself, in late '78/ early '79, had to be cancelled because of the deteriorating situation there at the time.

    I'm an avid R4 listener and would have missed this repeat if you hadn't told me about it; thanks again.


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