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Wednesday 3 June 2009

Labour government in process of collapse

Well, we can but hope so! Yesterday three Ministers decided they had had enough - Jacqui Smith (Home Secretary), Tom Watson (Cabinet Office Minister) and Beverley Hughes, (Children’s Minister) - and are leaving the Government. Rats and sinking ship come to mind!

Now this morning comes the news that Hazel Blears (Communities Secretary) has resigned from the Government and much more than the others she is 'putting the boot in', or perhaps as this Guardian article has it plunging a giant knife into the Prime Minister's back. And just one day before the European elections and local elections in England - too delicious!

I shall unfortunately have to miss Prime Minister's Questions 'live' today as I am shortly going out for lunch (it's my birthday today); however, once I've watched a recording of it late-afternoon or early-evening I shall no doubt have a few words to say on what is likely to be quite a turbulent half hour. Will he still be Prime Minister next week to take another PMQ session? We can but dream that an election will be called over the weekend once the likely full horror of the election results begins to sink in. Surely he cannot long continue with the whole government imploding around him?

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