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Sunday 7 June 2009

European Parliament elections - rolling results

I'll be live-blogging and 'tweeting' the results as they come in for the next three or so hours before I go off to bed. Ony 7 or 8 minutes to go until we start to see the results trickle through:

00.15 (Monday) - I'm off to bed. Hope the BNP won't get any more MEPs. Nightie-night!

23.44 - Wales UK. Regional allocation: Conservative - 1, Labour - 2, Plaid Cymru - 3, UKIP - 4. Labour pushed out of top position in Wales to Conservatives!

23.37 - Listening to new BNP Yorkshire and Humber MEP speaking. He sounds frighteningly plausible - has this idiot not read the BNP constitution? Ugh!! Nick Robinson had some comments about the man's background and his past activities - sounds a real charmer! Not!

23.26 - Yorkshire and Humber UK. Regional allocation - Conservative - 1, Labour - 2, UKIP - 3, LibDem - 4, Conservative - 5, BNP - 6. SO BNP have an MEP!! Boo!!! Overall result - Conservative 2, Labour 1, UKIP 1, LibDem 1, BNP 1. What a sad moment for UK democracy!

23.06 - East of England UK. Regional allocation - Conservatives 1, UKIP - 2, Conservative 3, LibDem - 4, Labour - 5, Conservative - 6, UKIP - 7. And no BNP! Hurray!! So Conservatives 3, UKIP 2, LibDem 1, Labour 1 - no change. I repeat, no BNP!!!

22.32 - France - EPP significant rise to 28 (+11), Socialist significant fall to 15 (-13). Good result on both counts! Rise for Greens.

22.17 - Sky News reporting that overall EU turnout for the European Parliament elections estimated at 43%; a record low!

21.42 - results from North-east UK. Regional allocation - Labour 1, Conservative 2, Liberal Democrats 3. So one each from these 3 parties - no change.

21.25 - Poland - EPP up 12 to 28, EUN up 3 to 12(?) - This is the right-wing homophobe crowd that UK Tories want to team up with - Hague speaking. He says they would deny their characterisation (the Polish Justice and Law Party, that is)

21.18 - Austria - EPP stay at 6

21.17 - Germany - EPP down 7 to 42

21.01 - Denmark announced its results - too small to matter (sorry Denmark)


  1. They can deny it all they want but they are particularly homophobic. I was in Poland during one of their general elections a couple of years ago and that party (and those hideous twins) were saying extremely nasty things.

  2. Hi Jae

    I was only reporting what Hague said; I didn't say I agreed with it - which I certainly do not. You're speaking to someone who resigned from the Conservatives over just this issue when IDS became leader after Hague had taken the Party to the right in the previous 18 or so months.

  3. Interesting count result from the Highlands Bill. Lib Dems and SNP were neck and neck. Trouble for the incumbents at the General Election or will the froth of protest votes subside a little by then?

  4. Because of the different voting systems I doubt that this is necessarily indicative of what might happen at a Westminster election; possibly not the case with Holyrood.

    I don't think Scotland regional result has been declared officially yet - presumably the western isles will get to work this morning to allow all the figures to be completed and published.

    I'll be out until late this afternoon, so will comment again early evening - 'in chaHla as our Islamic brethren would say.


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