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Friday 12 June 2009

Blears driven before the cameras by the Brown 'enforcers' with a cattle prod?

Forgive this old cynic his moment of retching, but the spectacle today of Hazel Blears [forcibly?] atoning for her 'sins' in criticising the 'Dear Leader' stretches my credulity way beyond breaking-point!

It makes her sound like a complete 'ninny' as if she had no inkling of the effect her actions were likely to have. As if! I may not like her politics, but she has always struck me as a lady who is pretty astute and with a fair dose of common sense. If her actions had resulted in the desired outcome (the departure of the 'Dear Leader') I doubt if we would have been subjected to this nauseating exercise in attempted manipulation of public opinion. It is clear that Brown is following the same kind kind of ritual humiliations inflicted on transgressors in the real-life former Soviet Union, the present-day North Korea or the theoretically purely-fictional Oceania as depicted in the novel 1984 - which I have come to believe Labour would dearly desire to recreate here on 'Airstrip One'. BBC reporting of Blears's remarks today seems dutifully to follow the 'Party line' with no effort to achieve a modicum of balance in its coeverage - as on so many occasions in recent years.

By the by, it was most amusing to see Peter Hain on 'Question Time' last night attempting to bluster his way through what must have been a very uncomfortable evening for him; his visible shock (possibly he might have gone pale briefly, but it was difficult to tell given his usual 'orange' hue) when a member of the audience, an employee of LDV, assured him that whilst this government may have forgotten them, they would not forget Labour - at the time of the next General Election; one could see in his eyes for a brief few seconds a man who knows that Labour is headed for [near-]oblivion when the next general election comes along.

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