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Saturday 16 May 2009

Moscow police break up Slavic 'Pride'

There have been a number of arrests this morning in Moscow by police of gay rights activists taking part in a PRIDE march. Even more sinister are these closing sentences in the BBC report:

The city authorities had outlawed the parade saying it was morally wrong.

Permission has been given for a counter-demonstration by nationalist and religious groups.

Now that the Netherlands has been knocked out of this evening's Eurovision Song Contest (BBC microsite), will any of the other contestants have sufficient backbone to boycott the event?

I'd like this to be a fun evening, but quite frankly not at the price of accepting meekly this travesty! I hope some at least of the western contestants can make clear their views by, for example, displaying rainbow badges somewhere on their costumes or something else like that, even if they don't feel able to mount a full boycott themselves.


  1. Let's hope Jade and Andrew Lloyd Webber show some balls. Doubtful. But let's hope!

  2. I've now sent an email comment to the BBC through their Eurovision website about this


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