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Tuesday 14 April 2009

Paul Flynn MP on the 'Today' programme spinning away

Why was this nonentity of a timeserving Labour backbench MP interviewed in the prestigious 8.10am slot just now on BBC Radio 4's flagship Today programme (i.e. about 2 hours 10 minutes into the 6-9am programme)? And why was he given such an easy ride by Evan Davies, who has grown into the role since he joined the programme and has a more laid-back style than the attack-dog John Simpson or even the sometimes querulous James Naughtie? Davies can however get points across and make his 'guests' open up when he wants to. Today (pun - geddit!?) his heart seemed not to be in it, as he allowed Flynn to waffle on with only the most token attempts to interrupt, but never halt, his flow. Flynn was allowed to continue to peddle the spin that McBride was some 'unknown' and did not represent the Labour Party - rather than being called on it with the truth, the fact that spin has been at the very heart of Labour since before it came to power in 1997, with the Blair/Brown duo running the show and that both McBride and Derek Draper have been closely involved with furthering this agenda for years. How can an MP supposedly there to represent his constituents act as a mere propaganda mouthpiece for his political masters? His assertions that he knew nothing of the machinations involved in Brown's pursuit of power and retention of it stretches my credulity to its limits. And it is highly unimpressive that 'Today' allowed itself to be used (or connived at being used?) in this piece of naked propaganda and damage-limitation on behalf of a very tarnished Government and Prime Minister.

In a phrase filched shamelessly from this excellent blog: Really. I mean it.

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