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Sunday 12 April 2009

A Labour MP tries, unsuccessfully, to distance the Party from Damien McBride

Labour MP Paul Flynn publishes a video-clip seemingly intended to advance the agenda that Damien McBride is some 'unknown' and not, in fact, a central cog in the Brown spin-machine!

Dear Mr Flynn, you may be sincere in your condemnation of Damien McBride and his political tactics and machinations, but you must be even more ignorant and 'head in the sand' than I imagined if you expect anyone to accept that McBride is some 'unknown'. Give us a break! Let's face it, what really upsets Labour is that this man's (take your pick, applies to both McBride and Brown) sordid machinations have been exposed, not the fact that similar tactics have been used by Labour for years!

Unfortunately the sound-track in Mr Flynn's video-clip is very quiet even with the volume turned up to the max.; I suggest (respectfully), Mr Flynn, that you get this sorted for future video-clips:

PS/ I've just left a message in Paul Flynn MP's blog here:

I've just watched your recently-uploaded YouTube video clip, describing Damien McBride as some 'unknown'. Are you being deliberately disingenuous? Sorry, I can't take such bald propaganda and spin at all seriously.

A simple admission that McBride has brought shame on your Party would have much more credibility. Charles Clarke MP is not my favourite person (I am NOT a Labour supporter, candidly), but I respect his honest acceptance of a massive gaffe much more than I do your own attempt at spin.

Very sincerely
Bill Cameron


  1. Bill I was quite surprised that Flynn did not delete your comments as he does with most who are critical of himself.

    If you have not have a check of his wikipedia page, which shows his libel case - well he did mention libel once in his video.

    Also I have done a bit of mockery of that on Youtube.

  2. Thanks, I'll take a look at Wikipedia.


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