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Tuesday 10 March 2009

New links added - March 2009 - p1

It's been a long time coming! was inoperative for updating blogrolls for about 5 months (since last October) and there have been many blogs I've started reading in the interval, some of which really merited being added to my blogrolls. There are also some blogs which have become dormant or taken down entirely which required to be 'pruned' from my lists. Happily was resurrected last week, using updated software it seems and is now getting back to what it always was, a very reliable and flexible way of storing and updating blogrolls. My first job last week was to 'prune' both my main blogrolls ('Blogs you may like[*]' and 'Spanish blogs and links[+]') and I've now begun the somewhat longer job of adding new links. Rather than delay this and later posts until it's all done, I'm going to do it in batches and here are the first 10 links I've added:

Am Not Blog [*] - Bobby writes: "This is not a blog. This is a place where there are pictures, stories, videos and crap. I am Bobby and this is where I jack my shit." - Bobby is a gay South African living in London and working in the media.

Benidorm Hotmale [+] - Benidorm Hotmale's Blog comments on local and national events from a gay perspective.

Biased BBC [*] - Exposing perceived bias in BBC coverage.

Bishop Hill [*] - Bishop Hill writes "A dissentient afflicted with the malady of thought. Bishop Hill is not a bishop. He's not actually called Hill either. He is an Englishman who lives in rural Scotland. "

Blimpish || A Tory [*] - Recently-resurrected right-leaning blog. Conservative thoughts intelligently written.

Cods Plaice [*] - The place to go if you are interested in Linux/Ubuntu and Netbooks. Lives in France so that is of interest, too.

Coffee House - The Spectator Blog [*] - Good quality right-of-centre blogging from various correspondents on The Spectator magazine.

Confessions of a Muscler [*] - Gay narcissism with a certain degree of humour and insight.

Councillor Terry Kelly [*] - A useful antidote for anyone who has ever thought socialism might be a good idea. He does write with great sincerity, though - and tedium.

Dave's Part [*] - An interesting and well-written blog by a journalist who is a Labour member with Trotskyist leanings. Obviously his politics don't appeal to me in any way at all.

I'll be covering later stages of the alphabet in subsequent posts.

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