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Tuesday 24 March 2009

Brown is given a well-deserved public dressing-down

Gordon Brown, our for want of a better term Prime Minister, was attempting to play the 'European Statesman' during a visit today to the European Parliament in Strasbourg, but has been given a very well-deserved public dressing-down before an audience in the EP which seemed quite appreciative of the message that Daniel Hannan MEP delivered. Precise, clear and quite damning, whilst remaining superficially courteous and polite - and absolutely irrefutable. Poor old Brown was left looking decidedly uncomfortable:

- his discomfort could easily be short-lived, if excruciatingly (and deservedly) painful during a brief period, if he would permit many British citizens to show their loyalty by stringing him up from the nearest lamp-post by the neck using some light and strong piano wire. This would be a far more humane fate than he deserves! And he would be performing a public service which might help to redeem some of his wilful economic mismanagement.

Naturally this video is blogged widely - I am pretty sure it will quickly become a classic and will be widely-repeated over coming months and years, particularly during the coming European Parliament elections and whenever we have our next General Election. The economic backdrop (aka 'precipice') to what we will no doubt still be experiencing will provide very suitable context.


  1. Bill thanks for posting this. I haven't seen it on the telly or heard about it on the radio. Conspiracy or stupidity perhaps but who cares really because once again it demonstrates the weakness of the main stream media. Real news and stories they ignore can still come to the top.

  2. Thanks Graisg. Personally I think it's akin to a 'conspiracy of silence' although when I looked at YouTube just now this clip has now had over 660,000 views, so the BBC ('Brown Broadcasting Corporation') can't keep this quiet. It has however been picked up by the US MSM, no doubt because of Brown's visit there this week and indeed Daniel Hannan had an interview on Fox News about his speech yesterday; this was a 13-minute in-depth interview, no 30-second soundbite affair (you can see it thru Guido Fawkes's blog).

    I've been reading Daniel Hannan for quite a long time (he has a 'blog' on the Telegraph) and although I admire his incisive logic, he's not my favourite person, being rather too 'Eurosceptic' for my tastes, but of course he represents a pretty wide sector of opinion in the UK with these views, so he cannot be ignored.

    Unfortunately the BBC hasn't really wakened up to the fact that their attempts to 'mould' the news can no longer succeed as the internet, in particular, allows other ways of getting information which can quite easily by-pass the BBC.


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