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Wednesday 4 February 2009

'Cut and Paste' comments

I have had occasion this morning to delete a VERY lengthy 'cut and paste' comment placed in my most recent post, totally out of context with what that article was about. If that comment had been added to a more relevant post (many of my recent posts on the world-wide recession could, at a pinch, have proved a much more appropriate home) then I would have left it in place because whilst I don't in any way share the viewpoint expressed (a very lengthy screed entitled 'Armageddon' and dealing with what might loosely be described as a belief in the 'end times' theory of what might happen in the world in due course), it is a point of view held by many. However, I am not prepared to allow such comments to 'infect' totally unconnected message threads (my article about the possibility of a Nairn 'blog-meet').

I will be updating the Terms of Use for this blog in due course to cover this issue, but meantime this article will have to serve as an an additional 'term of use' until I get round to updating the more complete 'Terms of Use'; a permanent link may be found near the top right column of the blog.

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