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Friday 23 January 2009

Police State Britain - Counter Terrorism Act 2008

"Attempting to elicit information" and secret DNA sampling and data sharing etc. come into force on February 16th 2009

Read this post from the ever-excellent Spy Blog and follow the link from there. Feel the chill run up your spine?

Because I can't put it better than Spy Blog I'll simply quote what is written there:

The War on Photographers , and Military Historians and Biographers etc. intensifies, by making it a serious terrorist crime to "attempt to elicit" information e.g. name, address, photograph etc.,about a current or former member of the Police, Armed Forces or Intelligence Services.

It does not matter if there is a legal defence available to you in Court, it is too late for your liberty and career, once you have been tainted and blacklisted, by being arrested under a terrorism law, even if you are never charged or are found not guilty.

How soon before this law is used to threaten, harass and arrest political demonstrators or activists, who take photos of the Police etc. who are taking photos of them ?

Why are former members of these organisations covered, without exception i.e. including all those who have been kicked out for treason, espionage, corruption etc and those Walter Mitty fantasists or con artists, who exaggerate their former military careers, skills or experience, for vanity or to swindle people.?

How soon before this law is invoked by those in the Police, Military or Intelligence services who want to hide or cover up incompetence, corruption or worse from investigative journalists or other investigators ?

Then on the Counter-terrorism Bill - covert DNA sampling and analysis with no effective safeguards:

Keep guard of your teacups, they may be stolen from you by official burglars or undercover agents, who want to secretly sample your DNA or fingerprints, if Home Office Minister Admiral Lord West's ideas on how this bit of the Act is going to be used are true.

These powers exist and will come into effect on 16 February 2009. Based on past experience of this Government's tactics in using 'extreme' clauses, designed for use solely in "exceptional" circumstances, for purposes way beyond what was originally envisaged, but not statutorily defined as being limited for use in such situations, it is likely that one day, sooner or later (and probably sooner), these new powers will be diverted for use against you or someone you know.

Truly the "Police State" has arrived in Britain!

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